Building muscle mass is a goal for many. It can be for improved athletic performance or it can also be for aesthetic purpose. However, you have to understand that there are instances when you will have to take a closer look at how smart you work. You don’t want to just workout only to find yourself catabolizing your muscle mass. Here are some supplements that you can have in order to improve muscle gain.

Whey protein powder

You want to make sure that you have whey protein. Whey protein powders today contain BCAAs. What it does is help build your muscle especially after a workout. Whey can also help in increasing blood flow to your muscles that can help in overall recovery. ‘

Unlike the food that you eat containing protein, whey is low caloric and can also be processed easily by the body. This means that you lessen the chances that you experience muscle catabolism especially right after a workout.

Casein Protein Powder

You should also start taking casein aside from your whey protein. Casein is probably the second most popular protein supplement around. It is an ideal pre-bedtime snack especially if you’ve worked out a few hours before your bedtime. It has a very slow digestion rate which helps in preventing catabolism while you are sleeping. As a post workout meal, it can help boost muscle protein synthesis just like whey protein powder. In fact, there is even a study that points towards using both at the same time.


Creatine is another supplement that you want to take. It is a great option for your muscle development mainly because of two things. Creatine can help provide you with the necessary energy that you need in order to perform the workout. And also, creatine helps provide water to your muscles allowing it to stretch and grow even more.

Branched-chain amino acids

BCAAs are becoming popular in today’s world of supplements. In fact, this is perfect for individuals planning to lose weight and simply maintain muscle mass. It can also be readily absorbed by the skeletal muscles preventing catabolism and helping develop the muscles. It can also help delay the onset of muscle soreness which can help you finish your workouts strong.

Beta Alanine

Next, you also want to consider having Beta Alanine. This is an amino acid that has been combined with histidine in order to form carnosine. Carnosine can help in both strength and endurance. What it does is help increase the ability of the muscle fibers to contract with force. There are even studies that suggest that creatine combined with beta-alanine can increase muscle mass and even trigger fat loss.

Should you try to improve your body composition, you have to pay close attention to the supplements that you can invest in. These supplements can help lessen the time and effort required to work. Also, this can help maximize the time that you spend in the gym. And most likely, these supplements beat the regular food in terms of rate of absorption. Choose among these options that we have mentioned and see which one works best for you.