You need to start somewhere. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are muscular men in your local gym. The fact that you are in the gym means that you are ready to work on your body. But of course, you should never be ahead of yourself. You have to make sure that you do these workouts first in order to gain familiarity with the motion and the movements required in different workouts.

Bodyweight Squats

The first thing that you should be doing is to focus on your legs. Your legs can help give you the posture that you need especially when doing activities. You can also build strong legs that can help build your hips and could even improve your overall athletic performance. There are a variety of squats that you can work on. You can have the usual squats or you can even increase the level of difficulty by performing split squats.


Next, before you even go after dumbbells and bench presses, you want to make sure that you have the form to do pushups. Doing push-ups on your own weight can help build your muscle mass and it could also work on your core since you are in a plank position the entire time. For some individuals, if they can do 50 pushups straight, then they can already transition towards doing bench presses.


You should also focus on your back muscles. The latisimusdorsi is the largest muscle in your body. Back muscles can help improve your pulling force. By being able to carry your weight and do pull ups, you will be able to develop grips and even improve your overall posture by developing the muscles found on your back. If you want to increase the level of difficulty, you can even try doing pull-up exercises on pull up bars. But if you can’t get your chin up to the bar, don’t really get frustrated. This is normal. In fact, there are individuals who start with assistance whenever they are doing a pull up.

Once you are done doing pull-ups, you can now go towards the machine and load heavier weights in order to work on your lats.

Bicep curl

Once you have worked on your large muscle groups, it is also a good idea to not forget on your smaller muscles. You want to work on your biceps mainly because it helps in the pulling motion. Bicep curls can help improve your bicep’s overall strength that can help those who plan on doing a lot of pull-ups.

Tricep extensions

You can also do exercises on your triceps. This way, you can improve your presses and your push-ups. You can even do dips if you think that you still want to do bodyweight exercises.

As a beginner, you do not have to be intimidated or even feel overwhelmed by the different exercises that you can do within the gym. The good news is that you can start doing these exercises and see a big difference in your overall strength and how your body is going to look.