If you are an athlete, it is a must that you turn your attention to your muscle and strength imbalances. It is normal that the body isn’t exactly symmetrical. However, by improving both sides of the body, you are able to lessen your weakness and make your body become more functional. So how do you fix your muscle imbalance?

Unilateral exercises

If you are going to choose a workout, perhaps, you want to stick to unilateral workouts. This will help you focus more on your weak side. For instance, you can focus to provide more reps on your weak side than that of your dominant side. If you are working on your legs, it is a good idea to stick to split squats and even do lunges. These are exercises that can help address the weaker side of your lower body.

This means that if you are used on doing bench presses with a bar, might as well do it with dumbbells. This way, both arms need to push just the same as the other.

Do the weak side first

If you are going to build strength on your weak side, it is a good idea that you work on it first rather than do the reps on the dominant side first. This means that all your energy will be focused on improving the weak side and not just work on your strong side.

Always focus on proper form

One of the things that make one side weak is the lack of proper form on every rep. You want to make sure that you are going to focus on the form because you want to make sure that muscles are fully contracted. You also have to understand that there might be an instance wherein you will need to get the help of a professional trainer to guide you especially when you are still beginning to work on your weak side. In fact, this is typically common among people returning from an injury. You will notice that the injured side will most likely have signs of muscle atrophy.

Dynamic warmups

You also need to address flexibility issues on both sides. There are instances when people develop muscle imbalances because of the lack of flexibility on their body. So what can address flexibility issues? You want to make sure that you are going to do dynamic warmups and even a bit of yoga that focuses mainly on your weak side.

Assess your improvements

You should also assess your improvements. This way, you will notice the progress of your training. If you are not really taking a closer look on your progress, you may not have an idea if the weak side is already just as strong as the dominant side.

There are many reasons why you are developing a weak side. In fact, this is quite normal. You might be coming from an injury or you might be an athlete that focuses more on one side than the other. However, it is important to address your weak side. You will need to give more time to it than the strong side in order to make sure that you stay in the best condition.