A lot of athletes take strength and conditioning seriously. And why not? This can give you the edge especially in sports that are becoming highly competitive. This can give you the edge to perform the necessary movements without putting so much stress on your body. So what are the best habits and workouts that you can integrate in order to improve athletic performance in general?

Lifting Heavy

Lifting heavy in a short period of time is a great way to help improve your body’s overall performance. Instead of focusing on the number of repetitions, you should concentrate on low reps while increasing the possible weight that you can load into your workouts. Of course, you should also focus on proper form on every rep in order to maximize contraction.

Focus on the large muscles

You want to also focus on the larger muscles from your back to your legs and your chest. You want to work on your biceps and triceps but not so much as you focus on your large muscle groups. Of course, you have to determine the movement of the sport that you are involved in. Does it usually involve pushing or pulling movements?


You also want to make sure that you are going to take the right supplements at the right time. You want to have whey, casein, and even creatine. These are just some of the most popular supplements that can aid in your overall recovery. Why not just eat high protein meals? If you will look at the rate of absorption by these supplements, you could minimize the time that your muscles have no protein supply.

Eating the right meals

But of course, you should never forget about the food that you are going to eat. You have to make sure that the foods that you eat contain high amounts of protein and micronutrients at the same time. You should also take a closer look at the vitamins and minerals that can help in your overall recovery.

Dynamic exercises

You also want to keep in mind that most sports require movements on different planes. In order to make sure that your body is going to adapt to these requirements, you should focus on doing dynamic movements as well. For instance, instead of the usual presses, why not do Olympic lifts instead? Focus on your form especially when doing clean and jerks in order to maximize what you can get from this.


You should also consider focusing on cardio. However, you should not just run for hours. Cardio can be developed by doing endurance sprints. Endurance sprints are usually broken down into two 150 meter sprints followed by a thirty-second rest. Do this exercise for a couple of sets and you will be surprised by your overall cardio.

If you really want to be an athlete, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the habits and the workouts that you can actually do. Keep in mind that following these things that we have mentioned, you will be surprised by the improvements that you will notice.